Innovative Solutions for Timely Award Distribution

Client: U Sports

The Situation:

U Sports faced logistical challenges in award distribution due to tight time constraints between their award selection date and the Championship banquet date.

The Challenges:

The traditional method of using cast plates for awards was not viable given the time constraints. U Sports had to find a quick solution for assembling and shipping awards to host schools across Canada in order to be presented at their championship events.

The Solutions:

To tackle these challenges, Nothers developed a proactive strategy by mass-producing award plates that could be quickly customized. The new plates utilized raised UV printing technology to replicate the traditional look of cast plates, which significantly streamlined the final assembly and distribution process.

The Results:

This innovative approach reduced the award turnaround time by one-third, significantly alleviating logistical stress and enhancing the overall customer experience for U Sports. The UV-printed plates maintained the prestigious appearance expected of national awards while ensuring they could be delivered promptly and efficiently across the country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adaptability and Innovation: Embracing new technologies proved essential in overcoming logistical challenges, demonstrating the value of adaptability and innovation in award production.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The introduction of UV printing and pre-production of plates improved the efficiency of the award distribution process.
  • Client Satisfaction: The successful implementation of this solution significantly boosted client satisfaction, as they were able to maintain the ceremonial integrity and prestige of their awards while ensuring timely delivery.
  • Flexibility in Logistics: By adapting the logistics to meet tight schedules, Nothers ensured that U Sports could meet their ceremonial timelines without compromise.