Paving Excellence: The Story of Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council’s Unique Award Solutions

Client: Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council

The Situation:

Since 2020, the Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council has partnered with Nothers to celebrate achievements within the paving and road-building industry through a variety of awards. These awards are central to their annual convention, celebrating pivotal contributions to safety and infrastructure.

The Challenges:

The unique design requirements for the 'Bleeds Black Award' posed design challenges due to the inclusion of real asphalt on the plaques. The need for premium quality awards to reflect the council’s prestigious recognitions was also necessary.

The Solutions:

Our design team worked closely with the Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council to create

an award that reflected the industry as well as the significance of the award. The Nothers team guaranteed the quality of the awards through the use of premium glass materials and ensured that each piece reached the event in perfect condition by handling all deliveries directly from London to Toronto.

The Results:

The safety awards ceremony at the OAPC convention was a resounding success. Our commitment to quality and flexibility in meeting the council's unique needs ensured that each award was a testament to the achievements of the recipients, enhancing the prestige of the event.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovation: The unique 'Bleeds Black Award' symbolizes our capability to innovate under challenging conditions, providing creative solutions that align with client visions.
  • Reliable Delivery: Our ability to deliver the awards directly to the client allowed us to ensure the awards arrived in perfect condition, avoiding any breakage of the fragile awards.
  • Innovative Collaboration: Our ongoing collaboration with the OAPC has fostered a dynamic evolution of their award designs. By actively engaging with their team, we continuously inject fresh ideas into their recognition program, ensuring it remains vibrant and meaningful year after year.
Regan Cox from Cox Construction is presented with the prestigious Bleeds Black Award, recognizing him for his technical skills and unwavering commitment to the asphalt industry. Photo credit:
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