Enhancing Volunteer Retention with Recognition

Client: Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA)

The Situation:

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) faced a critical challenge: enhancing volunteer retention to ensure organizational stability and continuity.

The Challenges:

Recognizing the need to support and retain its valuable volunteers, OMHA identified the necessity of implementing a structured recognition program to highlight and appreciate the contributions of its community members.

The Solutions:

In collaboration with Nothers, OMHA launched a monthly recognition program that celebrated the hard work and dedication of its volunteers. Nothers proudly became the official sponsor of this initiative, introducing categories like "Rookie" and "Veteran" to honor volunteers across different service stages. The program included personalized recognition cards and custom mugs awarded monthly to selected volunteers.

The Results:

The introduction of the recognition program significantly boosted morale and fostered a stronger sense of community within OMHA. Volunteers reported feeling highly valued and appreciated, which not only encouraged longer-term engagement but also enhanced overall organizational health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective Collaboration: The partnership between Nothers and OMHA was pivotal in developing a meaningful recognition program.
  • Impact of Recognition: The program effectively increased volunteer engagement and loyalty, proving to be a vital strategy in volunteer retention.
  • Organizational Benefits: Recognizing volunteer efforts contributed positively to the organizational culture, improving performance and sustaining volunteer involvement.