Honouring Life: Trillium’s Medallion Program for Organ Donors

Client: Trillium Gift of Life Network - Ontario Health

The Situation:

Since 2011, the Trillium Gift of Life Network – Ontario Health has recognized organ donors and their families with medallions to acknowledge the gift of life that donors provide to the recipients and their families.


The logistical requirements of producing and mailing thousands of medallions annually are significant. Each medallion is encased in a 4’ velvet case and includes a bilingual (English and French) enhancement card explaining the significant recognition. The nature of these awards requires a handling process that is both respectful and efficient.


Mailing Strategy: We collaborate with a business in London that specializes in bulk mailing to manage the distribution effectively. The medallions are shipped every three months to ensure an efficient flow of medallions to their recipients.

Design: The design of the medallions was crafted in collaboration with local artist Bill Johnston to be a beautiful and respectful keepsake, serving as a token of appreciation to organ donors and their families. While maintaining the dignity of the award, we have also ensured the design is cost-effective.


The donor recognition program has been profoundly impactful, reaching a wider audience each year and becoming an essential part of the donor recognition ceremony, which is deeply emotional and meaningful to participants.

Key Takeaways:

Emotional Impact: The ceremonies where these medallions are presented are deeply moving, highlighting the significant emotional weight of organ donation.

Respectful Recognition: Our approach ensures that each medallion is a respectful tribute to the donors, appreciated by their families and the recipients.

Program Expansion: Starting initially in London, the program now spans across Ontario, demonstrating significant growth and an increasing acknowledgment of donors' profound contributions.