Children in Sport

Sports in a child’s life offers multiple benefits, not only at the level of harmonious physical development, but also at the level of socialization and long-term health. It has long been believed that physical health leads to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Experts indicate that children need at least 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, but today, when there are dozens of TV channels, hundreds of DVDs with movies and thousands of computer games, it is very difficult to tempt children to get outside and play.

Organized sports can help children grow not only physically but also spiritually. Whether it is football or roller skating, swimming, or walking, movement gives children the chance to grow harmoniously. Teamed or organized, sports help children become more sociable, they find it easier to work with others and understand what fair play means. In addition to its social benefits, sports also provide a great method for kids to have fun.

A constant physical activity (2-3 times a week), starting at the age of 3 or 4, has a very important preventive role. It strengthens immunity, prevents illness and obesity, it helps correct muscle development, it strengthens the bone system, it helps correct posture. Regular physical activity plays an equally important role in healthy mental development. Sports practiced from a young age helps develop creativity, improves child’s coordination and relationship with other children and adults.

Doctors advise that sport is a special form of education more of the spirit than of the body. Sport gives children more confidence, more organizational capacity. The earlier a child starts practicing a sport, the higher the chances to define his or her personality.

Participation in sport offers both physical and social benefits to children’s lives. Besides harmonious development, it offers them the chance to reach their maximum growth potential and learn new abilities and passions they will use throughout their lives.


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