A Nothers Christmas

Family is the cornerstone of society and the first community we experience in our lives. The love that people share within their family, creates personal relationships and responsibilities, which last a lifetime. Family life is about being together and it is at Christmas that there is a special focus on this.

Young people return from their lives abroad to be reunited with family and friends. It is a time to remember what is important in life, which is not the presents, but rather the people who give you those gifts.

Many of us have family traditions which are treasured and passed down through the years to generations. Every family has different traditions depending on their history, ethnicity, and values, but what is common to all is to be with family and friends. It is important that the time shared is meaningful. No number of wrapped presents or food on the table can compare to sharing time with loved ones.

At Nothers The Award Store, business is halted for 2 weeks so the staff can enjoy more opportunities to be with their family and friends over the holidays. This tradition begins with all the staff engaging in a holiday feast and activities on the last afternoon of business before the break.

At Christmas especially, we are asked to think about the people outside of our family and friends and contribute more to the community. Parents can help children see beyond the gifts, which is less focused on the ‘stuff’ but rather the spirit of giving. It is rewarding to choose something for someone else, and to present something thoughtful to your loved ones. The emphasis is ideally on the love and thought that is put into the gift-giving rather than what ‘I got’.

Throughout the year, the staff at Nothers The Award Store fundraise through activities, social events and raffles to support the emergency shelters in our community. In the past, the Nothers family raised enough funds to feed hundreds of shelter clients a hot meal on Christmas Day. We are united in a project which is reaching out to others and showing what Christmas is really about.

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